Fringe Benefits Tax Management

Save from paying unnecessary Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

Fleetcare can help your company minimise their FBT liability while cutting down on time consuming paperwork.

Many organisations pay more FBT than they need to the Australian Taxation Office. Many businesses find it frustrating and time-wasting to do the paperwork needed to optimise their FBT.

Fleetcare takes the stress out of FBT reporting.  We will deliver an FBT management service that is quick and effortless. Our automated system takes the hassle out of FBT reporting

What we do

Fleetmanager, our exclusive fleet management software system, automatically and continually gathers FBT data from your fleet. To complement this we also provide you with year end reports which are wholly based on your individual figures. Putting Fleetcare in charge of your Fringe Benefits Tax management makes sense and can be proven to save you money, time – and management worry.

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