Electronic Tollway e-Tags

Managing other vehicle costs that affect your business

Our fleet management services keep track of your e-Tag transactions. We arrange and allocate e-Tags to all your vehicles selected by our clients in locations where automated systems and account facilities are available from the toll operator.

Electronic toll collection using e-Tags helps your business and your drivers. Our e-Tag system is compatible with all providers, Australia-wide so it doesn’t matter where you travel. We integrate all transactions into one simple monthly invoice with itemised costs for your convenience.

What Fleetcare will do:

  • Receive the accounts and check them to ensure the claims are valid
  • Pay the toll operators' accounts
  • Ensure the e-Tag accounts are kept in credit with the operators
  • Recover the amounts in our clients' regular monthly consolidated bills showing all tollway activities
  • Communicate directly with your drivers – if an e-Tag battery goes flat or your drivers are concerned with interstate roaming, Fleetcare can be easily contacted on our 1300 number, available any time of the day or night
  • We simplify the process resulting in more savings for you and your business

Benefits you'll enjoy...

  • Provide information and security for your fleet
  • e-Tag data can be used to analyse your fleet by easily viewing your fleet’s activities and travel routes
  • Identify e-Tags used on weekends or drivers travelling outside of their usual district

e-Tag Management

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