Novated leasing

A novated lease is a three-way agreement between an employee, an employer and a finance company where you can lease a new or used car with additional benefits attached.  

Why a novated lease?

Whether you’re an employer looking for a rewarding benefit for employees or an employee looking for an all-inclusive salary packaging option a Fleetcare novated lease is for you. A novated lease is a salary packaging option which lets you pay for a new or used car from your pre-tax salary. It’s a three party agreement between you, your employer and Fleetcare. There are a number of tax benefits you gain from a novated lease including but not limited to income tax savings, GST savings on the vehicle purchase price, fuel cards and servicing costs.

Novated leasing has a whole range of other advantages including a simple monthly repayment covering fuel, insurance, servicing and other running costs. You also have the flexibility of nominating the terms of your lease and take advantage of Fleetcare’s discounted rates on insurance, tyres and more, right across Australia.

You can also avoid the stressful, time consuming process of heading to car dealerships on the weekends or after work and doing battle with the salesmen. Just tell us which car you want and we’ll get you the best price through our dealer network connections and negotiating power.

If you’d like to learn more about novated leasing, speak with one of our friendly sales staff on 1300 777 600 or click here to fill in our online form and we will be in touch shortly.

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