How to save money with fuel cards?

How to save money with fuel cards

Perhaps you already know that fuel cards are the quick and convenient way to pay for fuel, but did you also know that a Fleetcare fuel card is also the key to minimising your business’s fuel costs?

By gathering up your vehicles’ fuel purchases and presenting them in a single monthly statement a Fleetcare fuel card gives you the information you need to carefully analyse their fuel consumption and make any necessary adjustments to maximise their efficiency.

Save money with a tool to change fuel buying behaviour

Because your fuel card keeps a detailed record of when and where your employees bought fuel, you can ensure that they’re buying fuel at the lowest point, saving you money over the long term. That makes it easy to drive behavioural change among your drivers.

Save time with smarter forcasting and budgeting

When you know with certainty how much you’ve already used and what it cost it's easy to forecast your fuel costs into the future. That makes a Fleetcare fuel card an indispensible tool for accurate budgeting and cash flow forecasting.

You’ll find seasonal trends are easily identified from your monthly invoices, greatly improving the accuracy of your forecasting all year round.

Save money by encouraging economical driving

A Fleetcare fuel card, when combined with odometer readings and car maker’s guidelines can identify your most economical drivers. It’s a great way to reward economical drivers while encouraging the rest to practice more economical driving.

Save time and money by finding fuel-efficient routes

If your business’s vehicles frequently travel from their base to the same destination, then a fuel card combined with GPS and odometer readings can help you identify the most fuel-efficient route.

Save money by tracking down inefficient vehicles

How do you know which of your vehicles are using too much fuel? By combining a fuel card and odometer reading and talking to your drivers, you’ll find it’s easy to spot vehicles which use too much fuel for the job, saving you money and helping you plan over the long term.