How fuel cards work?

How do fuel cards work?

If you need to keep track of your fuel purchases while saving money on fuel, and you just hate keeping track of all those annoying little pieces of paper, then a fuel card is the answer for you.

A Fleetcare fuel card allows you to purchase fuel from any Shell, BP or Caltex station and pay for it by simply swiping a card – just like your familiar credit or debit card.

But it’s more than just a quick and convenient way to pay for discounted fuel, it’s also a vital business budgeting tool as well for large and small businesses.

Discounted fuel and more

A Fleetcare fuel card offers discounted fuel while also giving you the information you need to minimise your fuel costs, by analysing your fuel consumption.

If you run a business with a fleet of vehicles a Fleetcare fuel card will help you identify vehicles using too much fuel in particular circumstances. When combined with GPS and odometer readings it will even help you find the most fuel efficient way to get from A to B.

A Fleetcare fuel card will also help you to help your staff save you money on fuel because it makes it easy to identify who’s buying fuel on the cheaper days of the fuel cycle, and who’s not.

Accounting made easy

Paper receipts and invoices can cause real problems and discrepancies for businesses. This is especially true of fuel bills. Fleetcares system neatly compiles all your fuel purchases, adds them up, then presents them to you on a single monthly statement.