Fleet Finance & Leasing Options

Fleet financing and leasing with Fleetcare is unique because we're not a finance company or broker. We use our independence and fleet management expertise to save you time and money.


The flexibility to repay the loan at any time.

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Get the most up-to-date and efficient vehicles.

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Different, because we're not a finance company or a broker.

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Fleetcare offers you the ownership with flexibility.

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Salary package with Novated Leasing and save!

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Features and Benefits of financing with Fleetcare

  • Budgeting is made easy –  fleet costs are flattened over the life of each vehicle through monthly billing
  • Better budgeting – Using finance to fund your fleet means your cash is more easily accessible and can be spent where it is needed most, as financing spreads vehicle costs out over time*
  • Relax knowing that everything is taken care of – Fleetcare will negotiate the best vehicle price, source competitive finance rates and bundle maintenance expenses
  • Save time – our Fleet Finance Consultants will arrange applications, approvals and funding over the phone, without you leaving the office
  • All your fleet leasing needs wrapped up – we combine all of your fleet expenses into one monthly invoice, making fleet management a breeze
  • Purchasing power – our superior purchase power means we can get you discounted fleet rates when updating or adding to your fleet

*Interest and depreciation may be tax deductable

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