Novated leasing disclaimers

Novated leasing disclaimers

GST Savings

1. Taking into consideration your employers accounting methods and internal policies around GST and passing on input tax credits.

EFTPOS Voucher

1. The customer must not be an existing Fleetcare novated lease client, or a looking for a transfer of lease, to participate in this promotion. 2. The EFTPOS Voucher cannot be issued until the new customer is approved and the novated lease has settled. 3. EFTPOS Voucher will be issued via post as soon as possible following settlement. 4. EFTPOS Voucher valid for 12 months from order date. 5. Fleetcare reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time without prior notice. 6. This offer is subject to availability.

Genuine Quote

1. A genuine quote is one where vehicle, maintenance, fuel and other running costs are based on realistic usage and forecast budgeted amounts tailored to your personal circumstances.

Vehicle Protection Pack

1. Used vehicles are eligible for this offer. 2. This offer is not valid for private sales or refinances. 3. The protection pack must be applied to the vehicle prior to delivery. 4. This offer cannot be redeemed for cash or used in conjunction with any other offer. 5. Fleetcare's 'refer a friend' promotion runs in conjunction with this offer. 6. Fleetcare reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time withour prior notice.

Income Tax Savings

1. Income Tax Savings are dependent on your taxable income and individual tax status.