Fleetcare Novated Leasing

Fleetcare Novated Leasing

Novated leasing tools for employers

To help you and your employees get to grips with the different benefits of novated leasing, we’ve created a number of online tools that highlight the savings, help your employees manage their accounts and save you countless hours in administration time.

The novated lease calculator

If you’re wondering why novated leasing is so popular, our novated lease calculator gives your employees a realistic idea of how much they can save over the course of a year.
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Our novated lease portal

Using the very latest technology, our novated lease portal gives your employees 24 hour access to their account and a full breakdown of their vehicle services. They can upload odometer readings, download reports and submit any reimbursement requests all at the click of a button.

You can also access the portal to download management information, produce real time reports and oversee the benefit programme in its entirety.
You can visit the portal online or via your mobile – to login once you are a Fleetcare customer

Logit – our electronic log book

If your employees want to log their kilometres without having to carry a pen everywhere, our electronic log book comes in very handy. It tracks their journeys and records their distance travelled as they go along. Plus it has a manual input option if they ever forget to switch on their GPS.
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