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Choosing a novated lease provider is a big decision. It isn’t as simple as finding the lowest up-front premium or the quickest turnaround time, because in reality, the true cost of your vehicle is calculated over the full duration of your lease. So unless you want to be out of pocket three or four years down the line, you need to factor in running costs, repairs and residual value.

At Fleetcare, we believe in up-front transparency. We don’t bother with pushy salesmen, poor service or prices that are too good to be true – you can get those anywhere. Instead, we focus on giving you good advice, great attention to detail and genuine value for money. You don’t have to worry about unexpected bills or hefty end of term payments because it’s all included in your agreed fee. And if there are any hiccups along the way, we don’t ask questions or point the finger; we just put it right – even if it means bearing the cost ourselves.

So, by all means speak to other novated lease providers and listen to what they have to say. But please remember, at Fleetcare we promise to beat any genuine like-for-like quote.

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