Fleetcare Novated Leasing

Fleetcare Novated Leasing

Benefits of a novated lease for employees

The Savings

As the largest independent fleet management company in Australia, we manage to negotiate some spectacular discounts on your vehicle costs.

  • Big savings on all types of vehicles
  • Discounts on a range of fuel cards
  • Over 10,000 suppliers to choose from for maintenance and repairs
  • Competitive insurance options
  • 24/7 Roadside assistance
  • GST savings*
  • A range of online tools

Find out more in our latest video

Find out more in our latest video

The Fleetcare service

If you’re tempted by the savings on our novated leases, you’ll be equally impressed by our service. We don’t just set things up; we take care of all your vehicle needs, whether it’s answering questions, offering advice or saving you money.

  1. You call Fleetcare on 1300 777 600 or fill out our web form.
  2. We quote you in just two minutes on any make or model of vehicle^
  3. We calculate your annual costs
  4. You sign and return the salary packaging schedule
  5. We submit your application for approval
  6. We set up your payments with your employer
  7. We order your car
  8. We hand over the keys

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Fleetcare Trust

Fleetcare Promise


Download our free salary sacrificing eBook, containing six easy steps to salary sacrificing a new car with a novated lease.

To view more about novated lease savings, the Fleetcare service and process please refer to our employee brochure by viewing this here.




^excluding vehicles which are subject to luxury car tax.

* For terms and conditions, click here