Which Season Are You?


With the imminent weather changes, some of us will be excited for the cooler temperatures while others will dread shorter evenings. The truth is your favourite season can say a lot about your personality.


SeasonsSo what's your favourite season? Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? And just what does that say about you?

Spring: If you have an energetic and happy spirit then Spring is your thing! Spring's welcoming and infectious personalities put people at ease. They work well with others, are optimistic and open minded and love making new friends.

Summer: Summer personalities are super energetic, cheerful and generally love the outdoors especially when its outdoor entertaining! If you love summer then you love a good time, good weather and generally prefer to be around people than spending time alone.

Autumn: Those who love the Autumn tend to be introspective, creative and artistic. They are friendly, down to earth and just a tad sensitive. Autumn lovers enjoy the company of others but are also quite content to chill out in their own company.

Winter: Winter lovers are generally quieter, calm and extremely compassionate types. They are thoughtful and serious about life and excellent in a crisis. They like to travel but equally love returning home as they like a comfortable space surrounded by things they love. Winter types take some time to get to know people but are very lovable.

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