What sports car are you?


Are you an Italian exotic? Or American muscle?


Sports carsBuying a sports car means more than just going to your nearest car dealer and getting a brand new vehicle off the rack, it’s an expression of who you are as a driver. And while we may not all be able to afford our own luxury vehicle, but we can dream. So what type of sports car suits you? 
Those extroverts cant go past the Lamborghini Murcielago, its not subtle, but you don't want to be.  Fast, loud, and striking, you want people to notice you, and then get out of the way!

Passionate people are the Ferrari 360 Mondena, you've got it all, muscle, passion, precision, and style. You're sensuous, exotic, and temperamental. Sure, you're expensive and high-maintenance, but you're worth it.

Those who like a good time are the Porsche boxter. You're stylish yet nimble, and good-looking.  You're the life of the party. When it comes to having fun, there are few who can surpass you.

Those classic types are the Chevrolet corvette. Powerful, athletic, and competitive, you're all about winning the race and getting the job done.  While you have a practical everyday side, no one can call you boring as you have a wild side when anyone pushes your pedal. You hate to lose, but you hardly ever do.

If you are a good thing in a small package then you are the Lotus Elise. You believe in maximum performance and minimum baggage. You like to travel light and fast, take the corners and live like there’s no tomorrow. 
Are you the perfect mix of seriousness and everyday style? Then you are the Mazda rx 8. You're sporty, yet practical, and you have a style of your own.  You like to have fun, and you like to bring friends along for the ride, but when it comes time for everyday chores, you're willing to do your part.

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