What does your coffee style say about you?


A persons morning coffee can be the most important part of their day, but your coffee can be more than just a pick me up, it can be an insight into your personality!


I heart coffeeWe have all heard the old saying, “you are what you eat,” but it seems the same can be said for what you drink! With the simple cuppa more popular than ever, it not surprising a new study has found several immerging trends in the old cup of joe.

Top four coffee styles are the latte, the cappuccino, the flat white and the long black. Recent findings show that Australians love their coffee and certain traits are typical to certain drinkers!
Latte drinkers are media savvy and are most likely to turn to the gossip section of the paper first. These social butterflies love a big Saturday night out and are solid users of public transport, ideally living in a share house or with mum and dad.

Cappuccino drinkers are home bodies who like to spend Saturday nights in with a good movie, but do love their sport. These drinkers tend to live by the beach or water. They are sensible people who drive sedans and listen to pop music.
Flat white drinkers are romantics who spend their weekends on dates and with loved ones, they dream of travel and love the city life. Lovers and not fighters, these flat whites are a free sprit.
The long black drinkers are quick and up to the minute. These trend setters get their news and info straight from the net. They love cultural outings and enjoy the cinema and theatre. Long black lovers are suburb dwellers that listen to classical or acoustic music.

No matter which way you have your coffee, there’s one thing for sure, Australian’s love their coffee!

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