Valentine's Day date ideas for everyone


With Valentine's Day coming up on the 14th, we're gearing up with ways to celebrate the occasion. Whether you’re in a new relationship, have been with your partner for years, or are single, we have a list of great activities to make the most of the day of love and embrace your inner romantic!


Valentine's heartNew couples

If you’re in a new relationship your best bet is not to go too overboard on Valentine’s Day, you’re still just getting to know each other after all. Aim to do something fairly low key and play it safe – book dinner at a nice restaurant (but not the most expensive place in town), or have a fun no-pressure date like bowling or going to the movies. This way you’re still making an effort and being romantic without scaring off your new love interest by coming on too strong!

Long-term relationships

For couples that have been together for a long time, it’s nice to celebrate Valentine’s Day by recapturing some of the magic from when you first met. You can recreate your first date; or go out for a romantic dinner. If you want to step outside the box and do something a bit different consider going to a concert or comedy show, going on a road trip or even arrange a photo shoot for the two of you for a memorable keepsake. You may even take the opportunity to propose to your partner – that would definitely make it a Valentine’s Day to remember!


Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun on Valentine’s Day. Spend the day doing things that you enjoy - go to the movies or shops, host a party for all your single friends or go out on the town – who knows, you might even meet Mr or Mrs Right!

Do you have any other ideas for fun Valentine’s Day date activities? Let us know by dropping us a line on our Twitter page.

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