Unique Valentine's Day Gifts


Aww, those heart shaped chocolates sure do look pretty tasty, but aren’t they what you received/gave last year? This year, St Valentine would want you to be a bit more imaginative and go for something a bit more memorable. Like what, you ask?


Love heart boxHere are our top 3 ideas ranging from least to most expensive which will be a sure way to impress your Valentine!

For her

1. A really sweet way to proclaim your love not just on Valentines Day but for the whole month is to give her a rose everyday through February. Not only do florists raise flower prices hence making it cheaper to give a rose everyday - instead of the traditional 12 roses, but the aura of Valentines Day will linger through-out the whole month! Get ready to earn those brownie points…

2. Instead of a teddy bear, how about a personalised gift like a pillow case or photo-frame? Personalisation is a special way to say ‘I’m thinking of you’ and shows you put thought into your gift (rather than a month old teddy sitting in your local newsagent). Prices vary in range and start from about $20 depending where about you order from. Online shops are a good way to start as they often have a wide selection of products plus you get to alter them yourselves.

3. Three words, day spa package. No-one can go wrong with a gift like this - even the most tom-boyish of girls will respond with gratitude! Starting prices begin from $50 and go all the way up to $900+. Massages and facials await…

For him

1. Guys love their beers. So why not make him a special beer esky filled with his favourite beers and snacks. To make it special maybe include a traditional box of chocolates or a CD of his favourite band. Remember the saying – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach…and maybe a few beers…

2. If your guy loves his sport, make a point to find his favourite game and buy him something related. Brands like Nike and Converse provide applications to customize clothing or footwear. So, not only will he think it’s a really sweet gift because you’re taking an interest in his hobbies but he will think of you every time he scores a goal wearing your shoes or soccer shirt!

3. If he constantly drags you to your local theme park and endlessly rides the roller-coaster (which you’re only able to look at, yet alone ride with him) then he’ll sure to love an adrenaline filled valentine gift. Go for a sky-diving package or if you’re feeling a bit bold and want something both of you can share, why not try parasailing? Prices start from $200 for sky-diving and around $140 for parasailing.

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