Turn that frown upside down!


With shorter days, grey skies and lots of rain, it can be difficult to remain happy throughout winter. However, the less than perfect weather doesn't mean you can't still enjoy yourself!


We have some simple steps to keep you smiling until summer rolls around:

• Eat a balanced diet – Consuming plenty of whole grains, green vegetables, fruits and Omega-3 fatty acids will help keep your mood up in the colder months. These foods are not only good for your brain, but also contain amino acids which balance out your serotonin levels, which can sometimes get out of whack in winter.

• Avoid coffee and junk food – these foods can further disrupt your serotonin levels and drain your energy, so try to eat healthy for that energy kick rather than reaching for a sugary snack.

• Exercise – Increase your serotonin levels, energy and mood by getting your 30 minutes of daily exercise into your schedule. Exercising in the sunshine is even more beneficial as sunlight triggers the production of serotonin in the brain.

• Take part in activities that you enjoy – A great way to improve your mood in the dreary winter months is to take part in an activity you enjoy – weather its catching up with friends, going to the gym, playing an indoor sport or arts and crafts, keeping your mind active will help you start the day with a spring in your step!

• Get the right amount of sleep – Getting eight to ten hours of sleep a night will make you feel refreshed and put a spring in your step for the day! If your sleep pattern is disturbed it is important to develop sleep routines and stick to them – that way you can get your sleep patterns back in a natural rhythm.

Do you have any other useful tips to improve your mood during winter? We’d love to hear them, so send us a tweet on our Twitter page!

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