Travellers' Tails


Pets are family members too, so when it comes to the annual holiday, it's not surprising that many people find themselves driving with a pet passenger. But how do you keep your faithful friend's tail wagging while you're on the road?


Dog in carHere are a few tips: Familiarise your pet with the car. Teach them that car journeys can be fun - and the destination isn't always the vet - by taking them on short trips to the park or a friend's house. If they'll be travelling in a crate in the car, make sure your pet has time to get used to it inside the home as well as in the vehicle.

Think about your pet's well-being: If they suffer from motion sickness, don't feed them just before take off. If they are an anxious traveller, stock up on over-the-counter products that reduce pet stress. Make sure your car insurance covers medical care for your pet if your vehicle were to be involved in an accident and ensure that their ID tag is up-to-date.

On the road: Take cleanup supplies, a towel or bed, food and water, bowls, a first aid kit and plenty of toys. Use a crate or a harness to secure your pet. Although it looks cute, don't let your pet stick their head out of the window - they could be injured by flying debris as you drive along.

Staying over: If you have to break your journey, make a reservation at a pet-friendly hotel before leaving home. Many offer pet sitting, walking and even spa treatments for furry friends.

Remember, never leave your pet unsupervised in the car. Pets suffer from heatstroke just like humans and the temperature can rise rapidly even in a car with the window open. There's also the risk that your car could be stolen - and your much-loved pet with it.

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