Things you didn't know about February


February is much more than roses and chocolate hearts. Here are some fun facts you might not have known about the second month of the calendar year.


February• The word February comes from the Latin word ‘februa’, meaning purification

• The birthstone for people born in February is an amethyst , while the flower for this month is primrose

• Groundhog day is a holiday celebrated in North America and falls on the 2nd of this month; there are early morning festivals held to watch the groundhog emerge from it's burrow

• February is also the home to Candlemas day, which falls on the 2nd of this month. This day is celebrated by the Roman Catholic church who blesses all the candles to be used (in the church) for the coming year

• Some famous people that were born in February are Abraham Lincoln, Thomas A. Edison, and Charles Darwin

• Some unusual holidays in February include Love your pet day (February 21st) and National Tooth Fairy day (February 28th)

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