The Olympic Fleet


Having difficulty with organising your fleet? Spare a thought for the fleet team in the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) who have to contend with the biggest event of the year.


London Olympics 2012Here are just some of the key figures to get your head around;

• 4,000-strong vehicle fleet
• The fleet includes 200 electric cars – 40 converted Minis and 160 plug-in ActiveE 1-Series
• The vehicles range from the small BMW i3 for ferrying contestants to and from
events to the large SUV’s for towing boats to and from the water
• 120 electric vehicle charging points have been set up at five separate locations
• The most common cars in the fleet will be provided by diesel-powered BMW 3 (1550 of these) and 5-Series (707 of these) saloons
• There will also be 20 Series 5 hybrids which operate at 5.33 L/100km
• 200 diesel-powered Mini Countrymans
• On the SUV side there will be 17 X3s and 10 X5s
• 7,000 trained volunteer drivers
• A “Mini MINI” will also be used on field to ferry javelins, hammers and shots around. These are a quarter sized replica of the regular mini
• The average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the fleet is 116 gram per
kilometre (g/km) – this is the same as a small hatch
• Fuel consumption of 3.65 L/100km
• At the end of the games the vehicles will be returned to BMW

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