Team Fleetcare's Ride to Conquer Cancer


Meet the Fleetcare team riding to conquer cancer.


Nigel Malcolm - CEO

Nigel Malcolm

Nigel is the founder of Fleetcare and started the company from the ground up in 1989. Nigel is a keen cyclist, jumping on the bike a few times a week and tackling hills, straights and any weather that is thrown at him.

"We have all known someone who has had cancer and with 1 in 2 Australian's diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime and approximately 115,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in Australia last year, cancer is the second leading cause of Australian deaths and affects almost 20% of the population.

If that isn't enough reason let me put it this way; you get to see me suffer 200km with two days in the saddle."

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Ben Kalka - Maintenance Controller

Ben is part of the Fleetcare Maintenance team, so could be the person to go to if any of the bikes break down on the 2 day trip! Ben is riding honour of himself, a two-time testicular cancer survivor, and also his Dad who is battling brain cancer.

"I feel by raising money for this great cause we can try and put an end to this deadly disease and save others from the pain that I and other have endured."

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Cliona Kenneally - Marketing & Brand Manager

Cliona Kenneally

Since being with Fleetcare, Cliona has been working very hard in the Marketing department and being some fantastic developments to the company. Cliona took up cycling in the past year and enjoys getting out in the open air on the weekends and pushing herself to ride as hard as she can.

"As you know I plan to ride over 200km in two days through Western Australia. It will be tough considering my limited cycling experience but I'm determined to do it in order to raise awareness and much needed funds for cancer research."

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Elizabeth Edgar - Operations Manager

Liz is Fleetcare's Operations Manager and oversees a large team, keeping her very busy in the office. She's a very keen cyclist and braves the cold mornings at least 3 times a week to get some training in. Hills are not her favourite part of cycling but she loves the feeling of strength once she's completed a gruelling training session.  

"Everyone at sometime in their lives is affected by cancer and we all hope that one day there will be a cure so another friend or loved one does not have to endure the pain and suffering of this evil disease. So get on board and donate so that I can go through two days of pain so that one day no one will ever have to battle cancer again!"

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Peter Shelley - Maintenance Manager

Fleetcare's Maintenance Manager, Peter, has been with Fleetcare for 3 years and comes to us from Dublin, Ireland. He is also fairly new to cycling but that hasn't stopped him taking on this challenge. He can even be seen riding to and from the Fleetcare office - an hour trip each way!

"The main reason I have decided to do this ride is down to a young man I met over a year ago - Ben. He's a 29 years old and in those 29 years he has fought and survived testicular cancer twice. If you are lucky enough to know Ben then I'm sure like me you're amazed at his positive outlook on everything."

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So jump on board and support Team Fleetcare, so together we can all make a difference.

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