Summer Energy Saving Tips


As we enter the peak of summer, here are some tips to reduce your energy consumption.


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Tip #1
During summer, the days are longer and nights shorter. This means the sun stays out for longer thus creating longer hours of natural lighting. In these summer months it is a good idea to open up the blinds or curtains in order to use natural daylight and in turn reduce the need for artificial lighting. 

Tip #2
Use solar walkway and patio lights for outdoor accent lights. This will ensure outdoor lighting is only used when it is needed. These are widely available and easy to install.  You can install them yourself in a few minutes, since they don't require any wiring.


Tip #1
During the day it is a good idea to close the blinds, doors and vents in unused rooms to prevent the hot summer sunlight heating the indoors of your house. This will reduce the need to use your air-conditioning in the evening, also it won't have to work extra hard to cool a room which is already cool.

Tip #2
Make sure your air-conditioners are regularly maintained, always keeping an eye if your filters are clean or if they need replacing. Also, air-conditioners which comprise of outside units need to be looked after, making sure no leaves or debris are able to clog vents. This to prevent your air-conditioner from over heating while also preserving the life of your home appliance.

Tip #3
For efficient use of your air-conditioner, turning on ceiling fans simultaneously will help to air movement across the skin. This will, in turn, lower skin temperature through evaporation. By doing this, you won't have to over-work your aircon, the ceiling fans will help circulate the cold air around the room instead of your aircon solely trying to cool a room by itself.

Tip #4
Make sure heat-producing appliances (televisions, lamps, etc) are not placed near you air-conditioner’s thermostat. The reason being that such appliances produces heat which in turn ‘fools’ your air-conditioner causing it to run longer than required.

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