Summer driving


Being stranded in the summer heat is the last thing you want to happen this festive season. So make sure you are well prepared before you drive with some of our handy tips for driving this summer.



• Check your tyre pressure when your tyres are cold, as under inflation of tyres can cause excessive tyre wear and tear. Correctly inflated tyres will also improve your fuel economy!
• Examine tyres for wear and deterioration on the sides. Uneven wear can indicate steering alignment problems.

Cooling System

• Service your cooling system.
• Flush out the old coolant and refill with a new one for the beginning of summer. Remember to never mix coolants as this can cause corrosion.
• If you are doing lots of country driving over the summer the radiator core can get blocked with dead insects and debris. Regularly check your radiator is in good condition and not blocked.


• Keep on top of your oil changes - in summer your hot engine needs all the lubrication it can get.
• In hot conditions, thicker oil thins out less quickly so will keep your engine well lubricated when it will need it the most.


• Check batteries and cables for corrosion, dirt and any cracks.
• Have your battery tested if it is near the end of its life or warranty. You would much rather replace it before a trip than on the side of the road!


• In the summer heat, the air conditioning is one thing you don’t want to stop working. Check that your air conditioning is working well throughout the car.
• Check your windscreen wiper blades. Winter is when they are used the most so they can be worn out and dry. Also check the wiper fluid is full.
• Make sure your lights are working for any night time driving you may do over the festive season. It’s also a good time to clean the lenses for maximum visibility.
• Do all the normal fluid checks to make sure everything is ready to go.

By making sure your car is prepared for this summer, it can save you a lot of hassle in the long run. And remember, be patient on the roads this festive season to ensure you have a happy and enjoyable summer!

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