Spring to it


Not too many people rank cleaning in their top 10 favourite things to do, and we don’t blame them! To help you get yourself organised this spring, we’ve got some handy tips and tricks to help make it all that bit easier.


Around the house

• Dirty windows from the winter rain? Wash them horizontally from the inside and vertically on the outside. That way if you get streak marks, you’ll know which side it was on.

• Have your kids had fun playing in the dirt? Before bathing them, add a few drops of baby oil to the bath water to prevent a ring from forming afterwards. No need to get scrubbing!

• Is your carpet looking a bit dull? Before you vacuum, sweep the carpet with a broom. This will loosen the dirt and makes a big difference.

• Have your furry family members left hair all over the place? Put on a rubber glove, wet it and then run it over the area. It will pick it straight up!

• Dusting off the glass wear? Rub it with a cloth dipped in toothpaste to remove any small scratches.

• Baking soda isn't just great for cooking, it also makes stainless steel sparkle. Use it next time you’re cleaning your kitchen sink.

• Got some stubborn copper that won’t shine? Apply a thin layer of tomato sauce and let it dry, then rub it off with a soft cloth.

In the garden

• Did the winter winds shower your garden in leaves? Rake the leaves when they are dry – they weigh half the amount than wet ones, and will make your job a lot easier.

• Time for some colour? When planting flowers, arrange them in a diamond shape rather then a line. This way, they look fuller a lot quicker.

• Next time you boil or steam veges for dinner, keep the water and pour it on your patio plants. They’ll respond very well to this and you won’t be wasting anything!

Make the whole process a lot more fun by putting on your favourite music. It will help the time pass quicker!

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