Self-healing scratches


A new innovation in vehicle paint technology means that in the future scratches to the bodywork will be able to heal themselves…


Self-healing scratchesScientists at the University of Southern Mississippi have come up with a new type of vehicle coating that means scratches and scrapes will repair themselves just by being exposed to sunlight.

The innovation is based on the development of a new macromolecule, based on the tough material found in the shells of lobsters and crabs. When mixed with standard polyurethane the resulting coating can be applied to vehicles with the amazing property that any scratches will knit back together and stay repaired indefinitely. 

Not only can the coating be dyed any colour, but it is also environmentally friendly as it is made from renewable materials. It looks likely that this new wonder coating will be applied to other items, such as mobile phones and electronic gadgets before long, making scrapes and scuffs a thing of the past.

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