Selecting the best family car


When selecting the ideal family car for your needs, there is so much to consider. Safety, space, features and price are just some of the aspects to consider when making your purchasing decision. With so many vehicles touting themselves as “family cars”, we have compiled a list of some of the best options to suit every family and budget.


Ford Focus Trend

Perfect for a small family of one or two children, the Ford Focus Trend is a hatchback large enough to accommodate your needs. While being a small car that is easy to manoeuvre and park, it is also roomy enough to fit the kids and everything else you need.

Mazda CX-5

The Mazda CX-5 is a small SUV with great potential as a family car. The high ride height makes getting kids in and out easy, and there is plenty of space with a large boot and ample legroom. It also has good rear space with enough headroom to accommodate for teenagers – perfect for a growing family!

Ford Territory

Perfect for a larger family or one that wants 4WD capability and lots of room, the Ford Territory is a great SUV option. Its superior seating comfort and flexibility, all-round vision and fuel efficiency all add to the Territory’s prowess in the market!

Kia Sorento

A full size SUV is often the way to go with expanding families and growing kids. The Kia Sorento is at the top of this class with seven seats, large boot space, back seats that easily fold away and a performance-focussed drive.

Honda Odyssey

The seven-seat Honda Odyssey is the perfect choice for larger families. It’s flexibility is ingenious, allowing seats to flip and fold easily and a third row that enables child seats to be fitted offers plenty of seating options. It also feels less bus-like than other people movers as it has a lower ride height.

Holden Commodore SV6 Sportswagon

A great sporty option while also being designed as a family car, the V6 Sportwagon has features galore. It has ample luggage space, stylish design, lots of high tech gadgets and even parks itself. The Commodore is sure to please parents and teenagers alike.


Which family cars from this list take your fancy? Let us know, and share your favourite family cars on our Twitter page.

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