Seatbelts Save Lives


October saw the introduction of a new law requiring all children under the age of 7 to be fitted in a child car restraint if sitting in the front seat. Disobeying this will result in a $500 fine and the loss of 4 demerit points. Or possibly worse if you have an accident.


SeatbeltSeatbelts are there to save lives and minimise injury. What takes a few seconds to put on could save you days, months or years of pain and thousands in medical bills. Wearing a seatbelt doubles your chance of surviving a serious crash.

According to the Government of South Australia an average of 35% of all drivers and passengers killed, and 12% of vehicle occupants seriously injured, are not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash. Some of these being children.

Parents must make sure their children are fitted into the correct sized restraint. Putting smaller children into bigger restraints can increase the risk of injury. Only child restraints that comply with the correct Australian Standards (AS/NZS1754) may be used in Australia. If you are purchasing a car seat, make sure you look for the sticker showing compliance with this standard.

So next time your step into a car, don’t forget to make sure the passengers and yourself are buckled up. You never know when a seatbelt might just safe your life.

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