School Holidays


"I'm bored!"These are words you just don’t want to hear when the holidays come around, so make sure you have a whole list of activity ideas up your sleeve when school’s out this month.


School holidaysSwitch off the TV and the PlayStation and do something much more entertaining - but no more expensive - in the holidays instead.
If you can get outside, then go fly a kite, visit an adventure playground or plan a day at the beach. Whatever you choose, pack a picnic and some friends in the car and you have instant entertainment. Or just take a walk around your neighbourhood and really notice what’s around you, or perhaps choose a local place of interest and find out about it before visiting. Historic sites and even cemeteries are fascinating places for kids to explore.

Closer to home, kids love to garden, so mark out a patch in the yard and let them sow some seeds and watch their plants flourish with water and care. Or make a wormery by digging up five or six after a rain shower and installing them in a plastic box with punched air holes and some soil to burrow into. Then feed them on vegetable peelings, egg shells and food scraps and watch as they generate some great compost for the garden.

Inside activities can be just as much fun. How about getting the kids in the kitchen and teaching them to make some tasty treats? Chocolate crispy bars are a great favourite and don’t need baking – just chilling, cutting and eating. Or for the more adventurous, whip up a simple pasta meal to impress the whole family.

Get their creative juices flowing by writing a silly story, either as a family effort or as individuals and reading it aloud at the end - with funny voices, of course. Even simple craft activities, such as model making or folding paper planes, are great projects for the holidays and can last for days.

If you want to get a guaranteed good night’s sleep, a trip to an indoor adventure playground, sports centre or pool is a brilliant way to tire them out. Or how about inviting round some friends, turning up the volume and having a dance party? The holidays need never be boring again.

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