Postage stamp trivia


The World Stamp Expo is being held in Melbourne from 10-15 May and is a stamp collector's heaven. But just how much do you know about the humble postage stamp? Check out these interesting stamp facts!


Postage stamps• The world’s first postage stamp was the ‘Penny Black’ portraying Queen Victoria, and was issued in England in 1840.

• India has the most post offices in the world with 144,396, followed by Russia which has 93,076 post offices.

Philately is the term that describes the study and collection of postage stamps and related postal material.

• John Burke was the world’s first recorded postage stamp collector. He acted as the Receiver-General of Stamp Duties in Ireland in 1774.

• Postage stamps are currently produced by more than 200 countries.

• Benjamin Franklin was the first person to be pictured on a stamp that was not a head of state. The 5 cent Benjamin Franklin stamp was issued in July 1847, along with a 10 cent stamp featuring George Washington.

• The longest pictorial set of stamps issued was a complete series of 134 stamps, from Turkey. It is the longest set of pictorial stamps issued and the second longest set of stamps ever released.

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