Plan the perfect Easter egg hunt


Easter is a time when families get together to celebrate life and enjoy each others company. One of the most popular activities for the day is the much loved Easter egg hunt! Plan a perfect Easter egg hunt with the help of these handy hints!


Easter eggsUse different colours

To ensure there is no fighting throughout the hunt, why no colour code the eggs so that everyone has a good chance at winning! Get different age groups looking for a certain coloured eggs to make it fair.

Make words

Make the hunt a little challenging and write letters on the eggs and then get the kids to create words with them. The winner is the individual or team that can create the most words.

Keep a record

Make sure you take note of how many eggs you have hidden. You don't want to come across a rotten surprise or a melted pile of chocolate in your cupboard a few months later.

Set boundaries

To ensure your child's safety set up boarders if you're planning the egg hunt outdoors. Let them know where they can and can't go so that they don't wander off.

Draw a map

Why not turn the Easter egg find into a treasure hunt? Create easy to read maps using pictures as clues for the younger ones, and riddles for the older kids. You can also leave clues with each hidden egg to lead them to the next one.

Use plastic eggs

If you don't have time to boil and dye a batch of eggs, buy plastic ones instead. What's even better is that you can reuse them next year!

Hide the prize inside

Choose eggs at random and insert a piece of paper or small object to identify the random egg winners. This way it is a bit fairer than only the kids with the most eggs winning a prize.

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