Old fashioned romance still alive on Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day. Some of us love it, others can’t stand the thought of it, and 69.3% of us have forgotten about it on at least one occasion!


Heart balloonsA recent survey conducted by Fleetcare asked participants about their Valentine’s Day experiences, and there were certainly some interesting findings.

According to the results, when it comes to Valentine’s Day celebrations, 88.2% of people think that the male should pick up and escort their guest to the event - a figure which may surprise more than a few people. With so much of today’s communication occurring via technology instead of face to face, it’s no longer rare for a date to be proposed via text message or e-mail. This is something that would have been much less accepted 15 years ago, so it’s great to see that many people still see Valentine’s Day as a time for old fashion romance.

Another interesting finding from the survey was that not one person surveyed stated that it must be the female who pays for the Valentine’s Day events, showing that men take the day just as seriously, if not more so, then females.

Our partners also get an A+ when it comes to gifts on February 14th and certainly embrace the chance to spoil their loved ones. Many females surveyed have been treated to grand gestures on Valentine’s Day, ranging from surprise romantic getaways, limo rides to dinner, lots of flowers and even marriage proposals. And these were just a few of the gifts they had received on Valentine’s Day!

So who said chivalry was dead? Certainly not the Australian public!

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