Mother's Day


The truth is that mums treasure any gifts their children give them, but if you’re past the age when painting a picture of a flower and handing it over on Mother’s Day is enough, then give some thought to a present that your mum will love on Sunday 10 May.


MotherFlowers are traditional and always lovely to receive, but you could perhaps consider giving greenery that will last a lot longer, a pot plant or a shrub for the garden? Jewellery, whether the real thing or just a trendy costume piece, is always well received and it’ll be a great reminder of you whenever she wears it. Similarly perfume is welcome, though make sure it’s one you know she likes. Or how about something she can enjoy in her precious leisure time? A new book, a subscription to her favourite magazine, a DVD, a CD, or a voucher for her to download some new tunes onto her iPod are all thoughtful gifts. But for the mum who is short of leisure time, one of the best gifts you can give her is your help. Volunteer to cook a meal, vacuum the house, or help her with any job she has to do but doesn’t like. Club together with brothers and sisters – and perhaps even dad – to buy her a voucher for a spa day, a trip somewhere, or tickets to the movies or a show.

Whatever you decide to give your mum this Mother’s Day, she will be delighted to know that you have spent time thinking about her and, of course, don’t forget to tell her she’s the best mum in the world.

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