Luxe for Less


If you’re used to the champagne lifestyle but now find yourself on a lemonade budget, don’t despair. Making a few almost unnoticeable adjustments to your daily spending can leave you with dollars to spare at the end of the month. Check out our free advice!


Piggy bank partyPhoning: Get rid of your landline and use your mobile instead, saving you money on line rental. Be sure you are getting the most from your mobile provider and chosen cap. Most mobile providers these days provide free calls to numbers on the same network so be sure you are on the same network as those you call most frequently.

Finance: Look at your credit card interest rates and switch to a new card offering a low introductory rate if you can. Remember to switch again before the interest rate soars. You may be able to save money on a car loan by refinancing – shop around. Plan a monthly budget and stick to it. If you can’t, make a note of where the leaks are and try to fix them.

Fuel: Prices at the bowser can vary, so only fill up at the cheapest in town. Don’t take the car if you can reasonably walk. (Don't forget with a Novated Lease by Fleetcare you can package your existing or new car with us and experience a rise in your disposable income and also avail of great fuel discounts!)

Feeling good: Check out the training night at the chicest hair salon in town and get a great haircut for a snip. Rent a DVD rather than paying for movie tickets. Look out for free events – why pay for entertainment?

Lunch: Take a packed lunch to work rather than splashing out on expensive and unhealthy sandwich bar fayre.

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