Is your mind really on the road?


Through the media, mobile phones have been heralded as the king of distractions for drivers on the road. However, there are a multitude of other distractions you may not know as being hazardous to your concentration whilst driving. We have compiled the top 3 distractions drivers may be unaware they do.


1. Road signDriving with pets

A study from the American Automobile Association (AAA) in collaboration with Kurgo (dog product maker), reveals that 31% of respondents admits to being distracted by their dog, and a whopping 59% have engaged in various distracting behaviours (i.e. petting their dog). Pets shouldn’t ride in the front seat as there are is a risk of injury from a deploying airbag if a crash occurs. Also, pets are recommended to be restrained to prevent them from distracting activities such as climbing onto the drivers lap, interfering with the ability to steer or crawling onto the foot pedals.

2. Eating and drinking

According to a survey across six countries which was commissioned by hands-free headset maker Jabra, a massive 70% admit to eating or drinking regularly while driving. It is not hard to believe such a high percentage eat or drink (or both) regularly whilst driving, especially since we all seem to be in a rush these days. Many of us would be guilty of scoffing down breakfast or lunch while on the way to work without knowing exactly how distracting it is. Some of the worst foods to have while driving is coffee/tea – a hot spill on your leg will surely distract you!  Hamburgers and sandwiches are messy to eat, dropping its contents all over you. If you are running late to work, maybe wait until you reach your workplace and have a bite in the parking lot.

3. Beautification

You’re running late to work and you haven’t had time to put make up on. What better place to put it on than in your car, right? Wrong! Anything which involves taking your hands and eyes off the road is a bad and dangerous idea. Also, they have to ability to inflict pain further causing more distractions! Imagine if you had to brake suddenly while putting on mascara, just think of the amount of injuries that could result.

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