Innovative new car features


Expect to see these impressive tech features in a larger range of new cars within the next few years. Our 5 top picks for the most impressive are as follows.


Car mouse1. Lane Departure Warning and Mitigation

To help prevent driver inattention, manufacturers are introducing lane departure warning system. An audible noise will alert the driver if the vehicle crosses lane markers without signalling first.

2. Rear View Cameras

Already seen in some newer model cars, this particular feature is one which could not only help you reduce scratches induced by reverse parking but it provides a visual aid ensuring nothing or no-one is in your blind-spot.

3. Head-Up Display

Even though this feature has been out for some time, the head-up display is undisputedly a step towards safer roads. It works in projecting key information (i.e. speed limit) onto the base of the windscreen.

4. Audi MMI Touch

Coming out in 2011, Audi's Multi Media Interface system, or ‘‘MMI Touch’’ will be available in the A8 and A7 models. This system allows occupants to write letters with a tip of a finger enabling distraction free navigation.

5. Wi-fi

It’s no surprise that car manufacturers have picked up on the popularity of wireless networks among consumers. You are now able able to buy a car that's also a wireless hotspot. Cars already sporting this new feature include Audi, Ford, Subaru, GM and Chrysler.

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