How to make the best out of 2011


Starting a new year means we can start afresh. New goals and resolutions are set, and rearing to go. However, many of us let loose and fall behind, or give up on our intended plans as the year progresses. Discover how to accomplish your ideal year with these simple steps!


20111)  Create a basic  list of what you want to change in your life from the previous year

Writing down a list of what you would do differently or want to change from last year can aid in providing a base plan on what you wish to improve this year.

2)  Realistic Goals!

A handy hint may be to make your aims achievable. Now before you think, ‘hey, this sounds a bit negative’, just think about your past new years resolutions and how many you actually accomplished. If you make achievable aims, you have a higher chance of sticking to your goal because it will be attainable not unrealistic. For example, if your goal this year is to lose those extra few kilos, instead of making a sweeping statement of ‘I’m going to lose 20 kg by July next year’, a better approach is creating a target which is more attainable, such as 5 or 10 kg’s. This way you’ll have more motivation to keep on track to reach your goal as you’ll be seeing the finish line closer, plus any extra weight you lose will be added bonus!

3)  Create a detailed step-by-step plan

Write down new objectives based on your list of changes from the previous year, while also writing a step-by-step plan of how you plan to achieve this goal.  So for instance, if one of your objectives is to give up smoking this year your list of steps will include different ways and tactics to help you acheve it. i.e. Step 1: Throw away all your ashtrays, lighters and tobacco. Step 2: Keep busy in order to take your mind off cigarettes etc.

4)  Tell your friends and family about your resolution

There are a few reasons as to why sharing your goals and resolutions with your friends and family is a good idea. Firstly, your friends and family are in your life to support and help you. They will be the ones who will push and prod you to keep going when you feel like you are about to give up. In addition, by telling a friend of your goals you may discover that he/she is trying to accomplish the same thing. You can use each other for support, extra drive and of course that little dose of healthy competition!

5)  Lastly, reward yourself

When you feel you have reached a landmark, reward yourself. This will keep your chin up, and create satisfaction for all the hard work you have put into maintaining your goals while also motivating you to keep going! For example, if your goal is to lose weight or get fit, reward yourself with non food related treats such as a day at a spa or that pair of new shoes you’ve been eyeing forever!

However you plan to spend 2011 Fleetcare wishes you a happy and safe New Year!

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