How to keep new year resolutions


Every year we promise this will be the year to lose weight, to save more, or maybe to take time to relax, and by February all our passion and will power has fallen by the wayside. So how do you make 2010 the year?


CalendarWe have some handy tips on how to keep those resolutions long after the champagne headache has worn off.

The key to making new year’s resolutions you can really keep is to make them SMART! Just like any goal, your resolution should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.

Specific: Don’t set a vague goal such as to lose weight, set a specific goal, such as ‘I want to lose weight and I plan to do it through swimming three times a week and cutting 1000 kilojoules a day from my intake.’ Setting a specific goal makes it more likely that you will be successful. Make sure you write your goals down, and any smaller interim steps within your goal - this helps you to define them.

Measurable: Instead of ‘I want to lose weight’, set a goal such as ‘I want to lose 15 kg so I can achieve my goal weight of 85 kg’.

Achievable: Make sure you have the skills and resources needed to complete the goal. Is your goal practical? Does it fit in with your lifestyle and your family. Setting yourself goals that are unachievable is demoralising.

Relevant: Is your goal relevant to your bigger-picture goals? Does it fit with your long-term vision?

Timely: Make sure your goal has a final deadline and that you have set dates for individual steps within your main goal. For example, ‘I’ll be able to walk 3k to the shops and back by February.’ 

Good luck!

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