Happy New Year to all Accountants!


Welcome to the new financial year! Of course, all business people are looking forward to a healthy and prosperous twelve months. With the current economic climate it may be hard to achieve.


Accounting New YearTherefore, many businesses now feel it is time to go back to the basics of constant planning and reviewing.

Firstly, cash flow is one of the top concerns of Australian small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Yet simply making cash flow projections and reviewing them throughout the financial year can make this area a lot less worrying. Working with your accountant to make projections on cash flow and adjusting them according to how well the business is performing makes sense.

Fleetmanager can also help you when reviewing your last financial year in order to prepare forecasts for the new one. Simply run the Fleet Transaction report and you will have all relevant details to prepare you for the new year at your fingertips. You will then have the priceless knowledge of where money was spent wisely and the areas where improvement is needed.

So remember planning is king for this financial year in order to see your business grow.

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