Happy Healthy Easter!


It’s that chocolate time of year again!


Easter eggAustralians spend more than $200 million on Easter eggs every year. These treats make up a large chunk of the 942,000 tonnes of chocolate we consume annually. But for many of us the supermarket shelves full of Easter chocolate temptations are just too enticing to ignore; even the best intentioned weight-loss efforts can be easily derailed. But don’t let this Easter ruin all your hard work! We have some great tips to make this Easter a healthy one.

Why not make new traditions at Easter? Instead of chocolate eggs why not exchange small gifts like pyjamas? They will last longer than chocolate eggs and allow children to share in the Easter fun without the harmful calories.

Or if you can’t give up the chocolate all together, make good choices. On average dark chocolate bar contains 50-60 less calories than a bar of milk chocolate. A well as being higher in antioxidants, dark chocolate has more intense flavour, which should satisfy your taste buds more easily, meaning you won't have to eat as much. Chose smaller, individually wrapped eggs, the unwrapping of each egg will help you eat less.

Fish is a popular and healthy choice this Easter. With wide range of fish available, from Barramundi to John Dory, you can satisfy those hunger pains while still celebrating in the traditional way. As for Easter lunch try to bulk up your plate with salad over ham, and have a good breakfast packed with protein to fill you up, so you don’t become peckish between meals.

If you have young children that receive lots of eggs from family and friends ensure they consume them in moderation. Use them as a reward for cleaning their room/helping with chores. This ensures their activity levels are kept up to balance the extra calories and of course is a great help to you!

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Easter, have fun and remember moderation is the key!

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