Fuel saving tips


It seems Fleettorque readers have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to saving that extra bit of petrol. Here are some of the fuel saving tips as suggested by you, our readers!


• Stop the car and park it before you reach your destination. By only driving part of the way and leaving the car in free parking, you’re reducing your fuel usage and the cost of public transport for one zone of the journey is minimal in comparison. If it’s only a matter of a few kms, walk it and you’ll benefit from lower fuel consumption as well as a bit of exercise.

• Plan your trip beforehand so that you eliminate any back tracking and extra driving.

• Select a suitable vehicle for your needs. This is the first opportunity you have to control your fuel consumption.

• Don’t take off too quickly at the lights or stop signs. Just move off gently and let the car go through its paces.

• Turn off cruise control when approaching a steep incline. Instead, use your accelerator to limit the amount of revs. On the decline, coast as much as possible, letting gravity and momentum assist you.

• Service you car regularly in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure it is running as efficiently as possible.

• Put your car into neutral as often as possible.

• If you have an automatic, back off the accelerator a lot sooner than you normally do when coming up to a corner, round-a-bout or intersection.

• Car pool when possible. Not only does this save fuel but it can help reduce traffic congestion.

• Ensure that your tyres are at the correct pressure.
• Remove your roof racks if you are not using them.

• Monitor your local petrol stations for two weeks and you will find which days the fuel is at its cheapest.

• Use premium fuel – it’s cleaner, more powerful and works out cheaper in the long run.

• Read the traffic ahead better and leave a slightly bigger gap to accommodate this.

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