Fleettorque readers are a healthy bunch!


Very well done to our readers that participated in last months Fleettorque Monthly Poll.


Healthy Easter eggWhen asked how many Easter eggs you would consume throughout the Easter period, the choices we gave you were 0, 1-5, 5-10, 10-15 and Over 20.

A majority 59% of you chose the sensible option of between 1-5 chocolate eggs. Even 13% of respondents selected that they were not going to indulge at all over the Easter break - now that's willpower! 15% were going to break out a little further eating between 5-10 eggs.

The gluttons were in the minority this year with only 8% admitting they would indulge in 10-15 eggs and just 5% confessing they intended to unfasten their belts and put away over 20 Easter eggs!

This is a little ray of light  in the masses of media reports and studies that now find Australia amongst the fattest nations in the world - a pity when you remember that we used to be thought of as a nation of fit and healthy people who love the outdoors.

It's good to know moderation is still the key for the majority of our readers - lets keep it up!

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