First aid from BMW


BMW has developed a car that stops automatically if its driver suffers a medical emergency. The Emergency Stop Assistant is an in-car electronic device that is designed for drivers with life-threatening medical conditions. But how does it work?


BMWBMW’s Emergency Stop Assistant makes use of sensors and feedback from the car’s existing technology to alert the driver if he should stray from the lane. It can automatically apply the brakes if the car gets too close to another in front.  It can even tell if the driver has suffered a serious medical emergency, such as a heart attack, while behind the wheel, and automatically switch on the hazard warning lights and move through other traffic to the side of the road, where it will come to a complete stop.

The system has been devised specifically for high-speed motorway driving and is aimed at drivers aged 50-plus. It may well make its way to Australia, according to BMW, if demand is deemed to be high enough.

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