Facts about a leap year


It’s a strange concept, adding an extra day to the year every 4 years. Some think of February 29th as an unlucky day, others embrace the extra day the year gives them. Here are some things you may not have known about a leap year.


Leap year• February 29th is a corrective measure – as the earth does not orbit around the sun in exactly 365 days we need to add an extra day every 4 years.

• A tradition that dates back to the 5th Century is that the woman may propose marriage on this day.

• In Greece, getting married in a leap year is considered unlucky and 1 in 5 engaged couples will avoid getting married in a leap year.

• If you are born on February 29th, you are known as a ‘leaping’ or a ‘leaper’.

• In China, the Civil Code implies that if you are born on Feb 29th, your legal birthday is Feb 28th in common years (years that have 365 days).

• In Hong Kong however, your legal birthday is March 1st in common years if you’re born on Feb 29th.

• The Summer Olympics are always held in a leap year.

• Your chances of having a birthday on Feb 29th are approximately 1 in 1,500.

• There are about 4 million people in the world who were born on Feb 29th.

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