Exercising on a busy schedule


No time to exercise? Just a few minutes is all it takes to build some exercise into your day, even if you're busy at work, and it's a lot cheaper than joining a gym.


Fitness at workA brisk walk costs nothing, so start by going for a five- or ten-minute stroll before breakfast, and then add one after dinner as well. Try to increase to 30 minutes and pick up the pace and you'll be getting a great whole-body work-out. And there's a lot more you can do to boost your fitness in the course of your usual day.
Take the stairs rather than the elevator and reach to high shelves rather than asking someone taller or standing on a chair. Squat with your knees bent when retrieving items from low cupboards. Stand when talking on the phone and walk about if you can. Plan family outings and holidays that include physical activity – try hiking, backpacking or swimming – and see the sights in new cities by walking, jogging or cycling rather than taking the tour bus. Spend Sunday afternoons rowing a boat on the lake instead of watching television. You’ll start to feel a whole lot fitter!

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