Clean Up Australia Day Celebrates 20 Years


2010 see’s a milestone for the environmental movement ‘Clean up Australia Day’. The story began 20 years ago in the middle of the Caribbean when solo yachtsman Ian Kiernan had a defining moment while sailing through the Sargasso sea.


Clean Up Australia DayWhile travelling through a personal point of interest, the Golden Weeds of Sargasso, he found the natural wonder strewn with rubbish and pollution. Coming across similar incidents throughout his voyage, Ian arrived back in Australia with a new challenge in mind, fighting rubbish pollution.

Once on dry land he set about organising the ‘Clean up Sydney Harbour’ community event. This event was a raging success with more than 40,000 locals participating, removing everything from cigarette buts to a rusted car body from the area.
From this success grew the ‘Clean up Australia’ and ‘Clean up the World’ movements. World wide 35 million people in 120 countries participate in ‘Clean up the World Day’. Australia itself has devoted over 24 million hours to the cause and has disposed of over 200,000 tonnes of rubbish, a remarkable achievement that Ian and all participants can be proud of.
So on the 7th of March please help out the Clean up Australia movement and keep Australia beautiful. In celebration of their 20th year the society is asking every Australian to pick up just one piece of rubbish. If every person in Australia participates it will dispose of 20 million pieces of rubbish. That’s 10 times more than 2009! So get those gloves on and help keep this country beautiful.

For more information or to find out how you can get more involved, visit the official "Clean Up Australia Day" website.

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