Christmas road trip survival guide


There is no doubt that getting away at Christmas is a popular idea, and many Australians decide to holiday within our vast country, setting off on holiday road trips.


Christmas road tripRoad trips are great for providing family memories and exploring our diverse country, however setting off at Christmas can be stressful with busy roads and bored kids to contend with. To help make your road trip memorable for all the right reasons, we have put together this road trip survival guide!

  • Avoid the summer heat taking its toll on your car – travelling in the stifling heat of an Australian summer may have an impact on your battery, cooling system and tyres. Find out how to prepare your car to handle the heat in our summertime sadness article.
  • Plan ahead – The time for celebrating is unfortunately also the period with the most road fatalities, with a spike occurring in statistics each Christmas. When heading out for a road trip it is critical to plan for your journey and any unexpected mishaps that may occur. For more on planning road trips, take a look at our piece on holiday driving.
  • Make sure your tyres are in tip-top condition – While most motorists prepare their car before heading out on a long trip, an often overlooked area is the tyres. By performing a few simple tyre checks you can save yourself a lot of hassle and potentially even your life! See more in our top tyre tips for festive road tripping article.
  • Be extra careful when travelling on rural roads –  The holiday season is a great time to venture into the countryside, however extra caution is required when travelling on country roads. To stay safe during your break from the city, follow our 5 safety tips for country Christmas driving.

Do you have any other tips for festive road tripping? We would love to hear your suggestions, so drop us a line on our Twitter page!

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