Cars of the future


Car manufacturers and motor shows worldwide love the opportunity to showcase concept car designs for the future. They get people talking with their often UFO-like designs, and provide great publicity for the companies and events involved.


Although most of these concepts will never actually make it onto our roadways, they are definitely fun to look at!

Here are some of our favourite weird and wacky futuristic car concepts:


This concept takes the term “environmentally friendly” to the next level. Weighing in at only 272kg, the ULEV is joystick operated and has voice activation for maximum security and safety.
Nissan Torli
With most futuristic concept cars being smaller due to inevitable population growth, the Nissan Torli’s size sets it apart. The cars blob-like appearance is unique, as are the spheres it uses to glide on instead of wheels. Finally a car that makes parallel parking a breeze!
Magnet Car
One new method of car-travel being considered is that of magnetised roads. If that became a reality in the future, prepare to see cars like this on the road! This concept model uses magnets with equal polarity to the road, so the car becomes 50& lighter and much more fuel efficient.   
Peugeot MoVille
Another student design from a competition, this futuristic concept car is aerodynamically tear-drop shaped and small to suit urban areas. Almost more robot than car, the MoVille is based around a zero-emission drive train and is fitted with artificial intelligence.
What do you think of these futuristic concept cars? Do you think these are what we’ll be driving in the future or will it be something else completely? We’d love to hear your take on the future of car-travel, so drop us a line on our Twitter page!

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