Cars in the Guinness World Records


Want to cement your place in history? Well maybe you could try and break some of these Guinness World Records!


Guiness World RecordsMost produced car model: Toyota Corolla (in excess of 37 million)

Most inexpensive car: Red Bug ($125 - $150)

Most cars washed in 8 hours: 4,334 (at multiple venues)

Longest journey by electric vehicle (non-solar): 555.6km

Longest slot car track: 4.752km (set by James May from Top Gear)

Longest line of toy cars: 239.1m in length (it took 3001 toy cars)

Largest seismic earthquake caused by car stereos: 6.325 mm/s created by 22 cars

Largest ensemble of car horns: 212 cars tooting the children's song "All my Ducklings" (16 cars originally started but 4 were deducted for not performing correctly)

Largest car park: West Edmonton Mall, Canada can hold 20,000 cars

Highest rate of car ownership: Luxembourg, with 647 cars per 1,000 population

Source: Guinness World Records

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