Car themed Christmas presents


Do you have someone special that loves everything automotive? If you’ve run out of Christmas present ideas for that rev-head friend, family member or partner, we’ve got you sorted!


Car presentWe have compiled a list of some great car-themed Christmas gifts, so you are sure to find something to suit every car lover on your present list!

Subscription to an automotive magazine – the gift that keeps on giving, with new issues arriving throughout the year!

Model or toy cars – for when you want to buy them the real deal but can’t quite afford it, this is the next best thing!

Racing console or PC games – Games like Need for Speed continue to be so popular because they are so much fun to play! Perfect for the gamer who also loves cars.

Satellite navigation unit – The must-have accessory for any driver, they will never get lost again!

Car shaped computer mouse or speakers – perfect for the car fan who also loves computers and music!

Children’s pedal car – an ideal gift for car-obsessed kids, they will get hours of fun “driving” around!

Books about cars – there are so many different books about cars, from publications about different auto-makers, models, automotive history, etc.

Car themed apparel or accessories – many auto makers such as Jeep and Ferrari also have ranges of clothing and other accessories that fans of the brands would love!

Posters or artwork - car enthusiasts would love a poster of their dream vehicle.

Key rings – they may not be the most interesting gifts around, but are sure fire fall backs for car lovers to keep their keys on!

Do you have any other ideas for car-themed Christmas presents? We’d love to hear your suggestions our Twitter page!

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