Car Colour Meanings


Are you a racey red car driver or one of the worldly wise whose wheels are always white? Who knew that the colour of your car revealed so much about your personality?


Car ColoursIt’s no wonder that the world’s most important people are ferried around in black cars when you discover that the colour black is often favoured by successful people who like to intimidate others. Quieter types are more likely to choose a light blue hue for their motor, while the more outgoing and confident choose dazzling white. What about green's, blue's or silver?

Dark green is particularly attractive to optimists, and light green is for those who like to live life to the full. Attention seekers tend to go for yellow or gold to get noticed, in contrast to the more staid traditionalists, who prefer to blend in with neutral shades of brown.

If you drive a silver car, don’t be surprised if people think you ambitious, but if it’s more of a grey then the chances are you’re cool, calm and slightly aloof.

It almost goes without saying that passionate types choose red, of course, while those who have love to give can’t help but think pink.

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