Car accessory craze


It’s very rare to see a car these days that is in the exact bare state it was first bought it. Whether we add stickers, a new paint job, or some giant wheels, our cars have become an extension of our personalities.


Here are a few of the accessories that are around at the moment.

Most common on the smaller, more feminine cars, these eyelashes make you wonder if the car might
start talking back at you.  

Fake sunroof

Why spend a few thousand on a real one when you can buy a stick on sunroof for so much less? Just make sure no one wants you to open it.

Bullet holes
Putting these stickers on your friends car might make for a good prank, but I’m not too sure anyone actually believes your car’s been shot that many times.

Reindeer antlers
Out in force for the month of December, just remember to take the off once the festive season is over.

Car moustache
Car accessoriesWhat I can only presume is the male version of the car eyelashes, the moustache could work well to promote Movember, but that’s about it.

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